No discrimination between veterans and serving when it comes to medical aid, says Southern Army Commander

Lieutenant General JS Nain said the Army is making every effort to ameliorate any Covid-related difficulty that our veterans and their families are experiencing.

Southern Army Commander, Lieutenant General JS Nain, has written a letter to all veterans, assuring them that there will be no discrimination between the serving and the retired when it comes to extending medical aid. This comes at a time when the facilities are being expeditiously expanded to deal with the second wave of the novel coronavirus.

The country has been recording over 3 lakh new cases for the last three days and there has been a severe shortage in hospital beds and oxygen supply.

“These are difficult times as the second surge of Covid-19 is raging across the country. I reach out to you to assure each one that the Army is making every effort to ameliorate any Covid-related difficulty that our veterans and their families are experiencing. I am also confident that collectively we will be able to overcome this challenge,” Lt Gen Nain wrote. The letter added, “Our medical facilities are being expeditiously expanded. There will be no distinction between the serving and veterans.”

The Army Commander’s letter further stated: “To reduce exposure to infection, for non-Covid medical requirements, I urge you to utilise the for access to speedy med advice. Ex-Serviceman cells and nodal officers have been nominated in every station to help our veterans.”

The letter has received a large number of replies from veterans and ex-serviceman from across the country.

Pune-based octogenarian veteran, Lt Gen BT Pandit (Retd), said, “I am writing this to you as one of the eldest (88 years) veterans settled in Pune. Your latest note to our fraternity is extremely timely and has brought with it an invaluable sense of security and pride in belonging to our great service. In one stroke, it has helped assuage and ameliorate the dreaded feeling of being alienated from the parent org which is like one big family. Your entire staff also will surely have grasped the sincerity of purpose and can be expected to Imbibe it in letter and spirit.”

He added, “On our part, barring some unreasonable habitual whiners and disgruntled elements, most would appreciate the gravity of the situation and the constraints of shortage of resources and capacity. In this context, I am confident that the large majority of veteran fraternity will be ready to bear with fair share of hardship and fully cooperate with the authorities. I must add here that our frontline fighters are doing a great job of which everyone of us feels proud. I am sanguine that together we will defeat this scourge of Coronavirus sooner than later.”

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