Mysuru: Over 2 lakh due for second dose of Covid vaccine, but many hesitant

Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Dr Bagadi Gautham said the district can easily vaccinate more than 1.5 lakh people daily, but only around 24,000 are coming forward to get their jabs.

Mysuru Deputy Commissioner Dr Bagadi Gautham has appealed to citizens to get vaccinated in two weeks. According to the Karnataka Health Department, 22.67 lakh people have received the first dose of the Covid vaccine in Mysuru district, while 16.24 lakh have taken the second dose. Gautham said more than 2 lakh are now due for their second dose.

“We are not getting the expected response in the door-to-door vaccination campaign. We have 3 lakh doses in the district, but only around 24,000 people are coming forward for the second dose daily. We are in a position to easily vaccinate more than 1.5 lakh people daily. We need to scale up in a short span to be able to respond to any challenge. Currently, we are progressing at a rate of 1 per cent per day in terms of vaccinating people with the second dose. When we have adequate stock, people should come faster and take the second dose,” Gautham told The Indian Express.

He added that vaccines reduce the chance of severity in infection. “Over 64 per cent of the people have taken the second dose and we can easily step up if they cooperate with the state government. It is in the interest of the people to get vaccinated. What we are observing is vaccine hesitancy which was not there initially,” he added. At present, the district has 281 active cases of Covid-19.

The DC added that the district administration conducted 90,734 Covid tests last month. “Border areas are being strictly monitored and those who don’t possess RT-PCR certificates are being sent back,” he said.

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