Mumbai traffic police to address citizens as sir, madam or shriman, shrimati

Recently appointed joint commissioner of police (traffic) Yashashvi Yadav has issued a circular stating that politeness from traffic police will be mandatory from now onwards.

Yadav said, “We will fine the traffic violators as per law, but with politeness. I have asked my personnel to address citizens as ‘sir’ , ‘madam’ or ‘shriman’ , ‘shrimati’.”

Yadav said, “There are lots of scuffles between vehicle drivers and traffic police. We have also observed that rudeness is the reason behind such scuffles and most people hate to encounter the police. This circular will build a respectful bond between police and the common man.”

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“A person is usually aware of the traffic rules he or she has flouted. But if this is put across to them politely, the person will surely think before repeating it in the future,” the officer added.

“We thought talking politely and gently will be very helpful for better communication between policemen and citizens,” Yadav further said.

“The traffic police will be given a week’s time to change their tone while talking and after that if any of them appear to be talking rudely with anyone they will have to face administrative action,” Yadav added.

There are more than 3,000 policemen in the traffic division and around 2,500 traffic policemen interact with people on the road daily.

Before this in 2006, a similar circular was issued by the then police commissioner of Thane D Shivanandan.

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