Lakhhimpur Kheri Deaths: UP migrants in Punjab demand swift justice, ‘neta or public, all are equal’

In Punjab, over 50 lakhs of migrants have connections with UP or Bihar.

“Powerful people use power to further their own ends. Misuse of power by such people should be stopped,” says Madhur Gupta, who hails from Lakhimpur Kheri and says that he is really upset after the Lakhimpur incident. Gupta works as head electrician at Mishra Boilers in Ludhiana.

He added: “Neta or public, all are equal. So, punishment should be same for all. In this incident, I feel punishment needs to be given to the politician or his contacts. A message should go out that no one is above law. Every life matters. I am extremely upset over this incident.”

T R Mishra, the CMD of Mishra Boilers in Ludhiana, who otherwise hails from Gonda district, said, “Now, I am a Punjab resident, but I regularly visit UP and I am in contact with people over there. Loss of lives is a matter of shock. But at the same time, I am surprised to hear it time and again from farmers that they do peaceful protests while violent incidents are happening repeatedly. It needs to be seen as who is trying to create violence. The culprits in this case need to be punished. A thorough investigation needs to be done. Farmers also need to draw a line now. For how long they will protest? They must come to the table and talk, otherwise in a long protest something or the other will continue to happen.”

Preeti Kumari, a domestic help in Mohali who hails from Unnao district, said, “After this incident, everyone from our state who is living here for work is condemning the incident and is saying that BJP is misusing their power. We too need to take a stand. We want justice for
the families whose loved ones have been killed.”

Ram Parkash, who too is from Unnao and now working in Ludhiana, says, “The video of people being under the wheels is too disturbing. How should we behave with them when they come to seek votes? Above all, moral responsibility is also something, which is not seen in present day politicians.”

Ram Chandra Yadav, president of SAD’s Parvasi Wing, who hails from Gorakhpur district, said, “Now I am living in Amritsar, but yes, my roots are in UP. We all are shocked after seeing so many videos, but still no action against BJP minister and his son. We had listened that in the past politicians used to resign on moral grounds. Our parvasi brothers and sisters condemn this incident completely. Farming community in UP is angry over this incident.. voters are not worms to be crushed under wheels.”

In Punjab, over 50 lakhs of migrants have connections with UP or Bihar.

Yadav said, “Poorvanchal parivar is upset with this incident. Farmers have been killed. This is all they understand.”

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