Five steps to follow if you test positive for Covid-19

Step 1:

Seek advice from your doctor for admission or home isolation. Based on the symptoms, if you are advised to seek home isolation then prepare a separate room with possibly separate bathroom facilities to ensure that your family members are not infected.

Step 2:

If you opt for home isolation, the hospital would be responsible to inform the local authorities. If you live in a society or apartment complex, do inform the nearby ward office or inform the PMC ward office. Each ward office has been provided with a war room for sanitisation of the premises.

Step 3:

Once the patient’s contact details are provided to the administration, PMC’s contact tracing team would call the person and family members will also be tested. PMC has prescribed home isolation for a minimum period of 17 days, even for asymptomatic patients.

Step 4:

For those who have returned to the city from the UK or the Middle East before December 22, they must produce a negative RT-PCR report and submit it to the PMC and stay in home isolation. If positive then report to the civic body and get admitted at Naidu hospital.

Step 5:

For any passengers who came to the city from the Middle East from now onward will be directly taken to a hotel and tested for Covid-19. If the result is positive then the sample would be sent for genome sequencing to check if it is new (UK) strain. Contact PMC: 020-25506800/01/02/03.

“Once we get the contact details of the patients we get in touch with them and conduct contact tracing. We do provide separate waste collection options for the patient’s family but this is not for any indifference but strictly for medical reasons. Family members of the patient and those living nearby the patient’s house must provide mental and moral support to the family. We are fighting the virus not the patient,” says Dr Vaishali Jadhav, assistant health officer.

Helpline:To find a bed in government or private hospital 020- 2550 2110

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