Delhi man attacked with brick, finger chewed during quarrel

The little finger of a 56-year-old trader in north Delhi’s Azadpur Sabzi Mandi was chewed after he intervened in a quarrel over dust while sweeping, police said. The trader was also attacked on his head with a brick by the attackers, which allegedly included four siblings who sell fruit in the same market.

The trader, Vinod Bhatia, had to be hospitalised after which the police registered a case of assault and wrongful restraint at Mahendra Park police station. “We have arrested three of the persons involved in the incident,” said Bhisham Singh, additional deputy commissioner of police (north-west).

Bhatia has an office in the Azadpur Sabzi Mandi where he runs a wholesale business of fruit and vegetable. He told the police that he was sitting outside his shop around 10 pm on Saturday when one of the four siblings who run a fruit shop next door began sweeping the road outside their shop.

The sweeping resulted in dust blowing up, promoting Bhatia’s employee, Gajendra Prasad, to object to it. “When Prasad asked them to be careful with the sweeping, the siblings began abusing him. When I objected to the abuse, the four brothers attacked me,” said Bhatia.

Two of the siblings held Bhatia while one man bit his little finger and another hit him on his head with a brick, the man told the police.

Someone dialled the police while Bhatia was rushed to a hospital where he underwent treatment for his chewed finger and bleeding head. The police subsequently registered a case and arrested three of the siblings while a hunt is on for the fourth.

First Published:
Jun 12, 2019 11:56 IST

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