‘Centre, states of NCR region should impose work from home’: Top quotes from SC’s hearing on Delhi’s air pollution

Schools in the city have been shut for a week and construction and demolition activities have also been banned. On Sunday, Haryana also shut schools in four NCR districts, including Gurgaon and Faridabad.

The Delhi government told the Supreme Court on Monday that it was ready to take steps such as a “complete lockdown to control local emissions” contributing to the national capital’s spell of heavily polluted air.

On Saturday, expressing alarm over the severely polluted air in the city, the Supreme Court had asked the Centre and the Delhi government to inform it by Monday if emergency measures like lockdown for two days or stopping vehicles should be imposed to prevent further deterioration in the situation.

Here are the top quotes from the hearing:

🔴 “The Delhi government is ready to take steps like complete lockdown to control local emissions. However, such a step would be meaningful if it is implemented across the NCR areas in neighbouring states. Given Delhi’s compact size, a lockdown would have limited impact on the air quality regime,” the Aam Aadmi Party government said in an affidavit.

🔴 “We direct the Centre and States of NCR region to impose work from home for the meantime. Chief Secretaries of Punjab, UP, Haryana have to be present for the meeting,” Chief Justice N V Ramana said.

🔴 “Now, we have come to the conclusion that stubble burning is not the major cause of pollution and contributes to only 10% of Delhi’s air pollution,” Solicitor General told the Supreme Court on behalf of the Centre.

🔴 “We have come to a conclusion that major culprits of air pollution are transport, industries, and vehicular traffic, apart from stubble burning in some areas. Broadly all affidavits indicate that stubble burning does not cause much pollution but even then good amount is taking place in Haryana and Punjab. We request state governments to pursue the farmers to stop the burning for a week,” Chief Justice N V Ramana said.

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