Why We Love Meghalaya’s Living Root-Bridges

UNESCO is considering adding Meghalaya’s Living Root-Bridges to its index of World Heritage Sites.

We asked you dear readers to send us your photographs and describe your experience of visiting any of Meghalaya’s root-bridges.






Rajesh Taneja sent us this poem on the root-bridges penned by his 12-year-old daughter Nishika:


Have you visited one of Meghalaya’s root-bridges?

Do you have photographs and/or videos that perfectly captures the beauty of the place? Share it with the world.

Simply send in your photographs and/or videos (original photos/videos only) to [email protected] with the subject ‘My Meghalaya root-bridge travel pic’, along with your name, the name of the place and a short description of the photographs and/or videos, when you visited and what you liked most about the place and we’ll feature the best pics right here on Rediff.com!

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