Why Isabella Rossellini went back to school in her 50s

Isabella Rossellini revealed that she went back to school in her later years after work in fashion and Hollywood had mostly dried up.

The icon, now 66, was a speaker at Hunter College’s graduation ceremony after being awarded a master’s degree in animal behavior and conservation.

The face of Lancôme said: “As I approached my 50s, my work as a model disappeared and the roles as an actress shrunk to almost no work at all. It was depressing.”

The daughter of film legends Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini added: “This is when my parents came back to my mind, and I decided not to worry about my career or my success, but to follow my curiosity.”

In front of commencement speaker Hillary Clinton, she admitted her master’s took five years, saying: “To all the students I share the classroom with: an enormous thank you for welcoming me, a woman who is their grandmothers’ age. I am here to tell you that if you ever encounter a dip in your life, pay no attention to the voice inside of you that judges you, that is negative, that fosters further anxiety. Just follow your curiosities.”

The “Blue Velvet” star, who has been on the cover of international iterations of Vogue 35 times, these days tends to a farm, where she breeds chickens, grows organic veggies and produces honey and eggs.

She also just starred in her one-woman show “Link Link Circus” with her rescue pup Pan.

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