Watch: When Athiya FLIRTED with Nature!

Like everyone else, Athiya Shetty has been spending a lot of time at home.

And it has, she says, been both a blessing and a curse.

Watch the video below as the statuesque actress talks exclusively to


Getting back on the ramp has been an enjoyable experience for Athiya.

Especially when she gets to promote a collection that aims to reduce the earth’s carbon footprint and looks gorgeous to book

‘Loved walking for Aisha Rao, whose collection embodies the importance of sustainable fashion, introducing sock waste as fabric!’ said Athiya on Instagram. 

Aisha Rao’s stunning collection, Pastiche, used handcrafted techniques to tempt the millennial bride.

More impressive, the designer used tailoring waste material to create gorgeous garments that offered a mix of Indian and Western garments.

‘Our collection, Pastiche, is an ode to Melbourne born artist Criss Canning’s still lifes that depict Australia’s rich flora such as Banksias, gumnuts, oriental poppies, tamarillos, persimmons and Madonna lilies in bold colours juxtaposed to perfection,’ Anisha explained on Instagram.

Take a look.






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