Vogue Williams had ‘never seen’ Spencer Matthews so upset until Jamie Laing wedding snub

Vogue Williams has admitted she'd "never seen" her husband Spencer Matthews so upset after he learned he hadn't been invited to his best pal Jamie Laing's legal wedding.

The ceremony, which took place at Chelsea Registry Office in the UK as a precursor to the giant Spanish bash next month, prompted a huge drama between the friends.

It all unfolded when pictures emerged of Made in Chelsea couple Jamie, 34, and Sophie Habboo, 29, dressed up in their finery and surrounded by a group of close friends and family.

As fans quickly realised that best man Spencer, 34, and his 37 year old wife weren't in the group, they then noticed snaps of the couple's family holiday in Portugal on Instagram.

Spencer and Vogue, who has recently revealed that she won't be attending the Spanish nuptials, then admitted a couple of days later that they hadn't actually been invited to the swanky event, and were heartbroken.

While Jamie admitted his decision not to invite his longtime best mate had been a simple mistake, due to them already being away on holiday, it caused some awkwardness between the pair.

Welcoming Spencer and Vogue onto their latest Nearlyweds podcast, Jamie and Sophie finally got to clear the air publicly.

"He was very upset, I have to be honest, I've never seen him like that," Vogue explained. "He was genuinely upset over something and then I was getting things coming out, I saw the personalised stuff. And I thought 'Oh s**t you really thought about this.'

But despite the seriousness of what had happened, the group were still laughing and joking as they always have, and it seems things are now back to normal.

"I can't do any more air clearing guys. You've cleared the air a thousand times, do we have to do more clearing?" Vogue joked on the recording at first.

As the group finally stopped giggling, Jamie opened up on his reasons for what had happened. "I f****d up. We had our wedding, our civil ceremony in the UK. It was a hectic process. Amongst the hectic-ness of getting people there and things like that, I thought Spencer and Vogue were away.

Revealing that Sophie asked if Spencer and Vogue were coming too, Jamie explained that he didn't send an invite due to them being in Portugal.

After the wedding, Jamie text Vogue hoping she'd support him – but the Irish star instead told him the situation wasn't "good."

Sophie admitted she deals "really badly with guilt" so ended up crying over Jamie's oversight, but Spencer insisted he is "over it" now.

The former Made In Chelsea star went on to share on the podcast that he was "upset" to hear the mess had made Sophie cry, because it had "nothing to do" with her.

Spencer added that Jamie is his best friend "in the world" and he loves him, which was why the whole thing bothered him so much.

Adding that he would fly "three times round the world to come" to his best friend's wedding because he "cares" about him, the duo shared a sweet moment as Jamie added that he already knew he would.


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