Tyra Banks Called Landon Barker "Logan" Again on 'DWTS' and His Reaction Was Too Funny

A story in three parts: 1) Landon Barker once again showed up on Dancing with the Stars to support Charli D’Amelio, 2) the always-iconic Tyra Banks once again called him Logan, 3) Landon’s reaction was once again caught on camera. And to be clear, he was extremely good natured about it and didn’t seem to mind at all. As Tyra put it, this is live TV and mistakes happen!

On that note, quick reminder of last week’s Landon/Logan saga:


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Cut to this week, and Tyra apologized for mixing up Landon’s name…doing it again in the process, lol.

“I called your boyfriend Landon Barker and his name is Logan,” Tyra said after Charlie’s performance. “Okay, I just said it backwards again. What is wrong with me with this? Why can’t I get this right? They said it in my ear last week, I got it wrong. Now that I’m reading it and I’m getting it wrong. Hello, Landon, I am so sorry. Your woman did so well tonight.”


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Anyway, last week Charli opened up about how great it is to have Landon in the audience supporting her during Dancing with the Stars, telling Entertainment Tonight, “I think it’s so nice to have my friends and family here to support me. It definitely means a lot. I try not to look at them while I’m preforming because it makes me nervous. But it always feels good to see them after, and just get to talk to them, and have them see me do something I’m having a lot of fun doing. They never get to see me dance! So it’s a lot of fun.”

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