Tyler Baltierra Shares Heartbreaking Update on Father: Butch Is Back on Drugs

Back in April of 2018, Teen Mom OG fans were overjoyed to learn that Tyler Baltierra’s father, Butch Baltierra, had gotten sober after struggling with substance abuse for most of his life

Sadly, Tyler revealed this week that Butch’s recovery was short-lived.

Appearing on Kailyn Lowry’s Coffee Convos podcast, Tyler and wife Catelynn Lowell opened about some recent hard times in their family.

“He’s relapsed,” Tyler said with regard to Butch.

“He’s in the middle of a relapse right now. That’s the reality of that situation right now.”

Tyler went on to say that the ups and downs of his father’s battle with addiction will be documented on the new season of Teen Mom OG:

“He’s filming, he filmed a couple of scenes,” Tyler said.

“So, this season you’ll see me go down there a couple of times. He lives in Austin and he got out of rehab he did his sober living, all that stuff.”

As The Ashley’s Reality Roundup points out, the relapse is not entirely unexpected, as Tyler’s sister Amber recently revealed that her father was once again flirting with casual drug use:

“He drinks a couple beers here and there as well,” Amber wrote on Facebook. 

“He thinks he can manage all this but it will progress into something big again. That’s what this disease does.”

It seems that Tyler, Catelynn, and Amber all agree that a new lady friend of Butch’s named Caroline is at least partially to blame for his relapse.

“We don’t really try to film with her because I said if I see her, my ass is going to be sitting in jail,” Catelynn said.

“The stuff that she said about [Amber] my sister-in-law does not make me happy and I would love to beat her ass!”

Tyler says Caroline bombarded his sister with rude text messages after Amber opened up to MTV about sexual abuse she had suffered in childhood:

“[Caroline] went wild and, I’ll tell you right now, that’s the sign of relapse,” Tyler said.

“So my dad dating a woman who is going to reach out to you guys, probably in a crazy, drunken state [is not good].”

Yes, it’s one thing after another for the Baltierras.

It seems that Butch’s relapse took place not long after Tyler and Catelynn reconciled following a brief separation.

Here’s hoping Butch is able to find the help he needs before it’s too late.

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