Tristan Thompson Flirted with Khloé Kardashian on Insta and Yikes at the Replies

Welp, Tristan Thompson is back to leaving thirsty comments on Khloé Kardashian’s Instagram, despite reports that they’ve broken up AND reports that Khloé is super disappointed about the whole thing. The photo in question? This pic of Khloé on the beach:

A post shared by Khloé Kardashian (@khloekardashian)

Tristan’s comment? A buncha heart eye emojis. And the (hundreds) of comments underneath it are…rough, ranging from “NOPE,” to “but did we ask you?” to “no bro” to “read the room” to a simple “bruh.”

Awk times!

FYI, Tristan also posted a public note for his ex on her birthday, writing “Happy birthday @khloekardashian Thank you for being not just an amazing partner, mommy and best friend but also being the kindest, caring and most loving human being I’ve ever met. Your love and spirit is contagious to all who’ve met you. Thank you for always being there for me and putting our family first. I love you so much. Have an amazing day. ❤️❤️”

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But his musings aren’t actually all that surprising considering that a source tells People he’s “still trying to get Khloé back. He hasn’t given up and he doesn’t think the door is closed.” Meanwhile, a source tells E! News that “Khloé is extremely disappointed in how things have played out with Tristan. She has spent so much time and energy on their relationship and was hopeful for the future. To see that Tristan hasn’t changed at all after all of this is truly heartbreaking.

I mean…guess we’ll see what happens!

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