Top Models Bring Blinding Glitz To Cannes

Nearly every year in summer since 1946, the French Riviera resort town of Cannes becomes the Capital of the World’s Poseurs and Poseuses, as film stars, movie folks, models, the rich and famous descend in coif​fured, perfumed and sometimes botoxed throngs to attend the film festival.

And to be seen.

But mostly to be photographed by an army of photographers.

The stroll onto the 180 metre-long red carpet up a short flight of steps to the halls of Cannes Film Festival is the signature few minutes of this world-famous event.

Star posing is the culture and tradition at the festival/fashion spectacle.

Who does that better than models?

For day one the 2023 edition, models stepped out in stylish force, glittering from all angles, nabbing the spotlight in their outrageously ethereal gowns and ensembles.






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