TikTok Announce Screen Time Limit & More New Features for Teens & Families

TikTok has announced some new features for teens and families on their video platform.

The company reveals they are improving their screen time tool, introducing new default settings for teen accounts and more parental controls.

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For users under 18, they will automatically be set to a one hour daily screen time limit. One they reach that one hour, there will be a prompt to enter a passcode to continue watching.

Those under 13 will have the same screen time limit, however, parents will need to set or enter an existing passcode to allow an additional 30 minutes of screen time.

You can opt out of the default, one hour time limit.

TikTok has also added three new features to the Family Pairing – Custom daily screen time limits, screen time dashboard and mute notifications.

Screen time controls will be updated for everyone soon, allowing users to set their own limits for each day of the week. They’re also rolling out a sleep reminder “to help people more easily plan when they want to be offline at night.”

You can find out more about all the new features at TikTok.com!

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