This Holiday Season, We're Giving Thanks For the Hot Men of TikTok

As the holiday season rolls around, the cohosts of Don’t Let This Flop, Rolling Stone‘s podcast about TikTok and internet culture, are giving thanks for one special thing: the Himbo.

For DLTF’s very special holiday episode, cohosts Brittany Spanos and EJ Dickson are doing an expanded version of their weekly Himbo of the Week segment, in which they celebrate the hot men of TikTok. From mustachioed wilderness explorers and ASMRtists to sweatpants-wearing shirtless Irish-Nigerian models to tattoo artists to axe-wielding, muscle-bound fitness influencers who spout motivational bullshit on Twitter, we’re giving thanks to the sexy lugs of social media who make our For You pages what they are.

One notable himbo to whom Spanos and Dickson pay homage is @oldtimehawkey, a content creator with a luscious handlebar mustache who lives in the woods with his trusted dog, Donnybrook. @oldtimehawkey, whose name is Fritz, makes soothing cottagecore content from his cabin in Michigan’s upper peninsula, and has lulled many a TikTok viewer to sleep with a soothing, “well, hello, buddy.”

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Another himbo Spanos and Dickson highlight is Farmer Will, a hunky British sheep farmer who posts tutorials for how to pick up sheep (spoiler alert: you just kinda….pick them up with your hands).

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