The most ordered dish of 2021 is…

Food delivery giant Zomato delivered two biryanis every two seconds, according to the Gurugram-based firm’s annual report about how Indians ordered this year.

Though Zomato didn’t reveal the number of biryanis it delivered this year, the company said the dosa was the country’s second most ordered dish at over 8.8 million orders.

During the India-Pakistan T20 World Cup cricket match on October 24, over one million people in the country ordered food.

The Zomato report said a customer in Ahmedabad placed the biggest order in India worth Rs 33,000 on the Zomato platform.

‘A person named Shweta placed 12 orders in a single day, all for ice creams,’ said the Zomato report.

Another person named Tushar from Delhi ordered 389 pizzas.

Honey Katiyal, a customer, has provided tips to the delivery partners on 1,250 orders.

Pritee, another customer, placed the most number of orders at 1,907.

Dishes such as paneer butter masala and butter naan together accounted for 1.1 million during 2021.

Also, there were 3.1 million customers who ate vada pavs, 7.2 million customers who liked samosas and 10 million, who opted for momos on the Zomato platform.

Over 200,000 customers ordered (cheese) dips through the Zomato app.

Rival company Swiggy recently said Indians this year ordered 115 biryanis per minute, samosas equal to New Zealand’s population, and enough tomatoes to play the Spanish Tomatina festival for 11 years.

This is according to an annual report of the Bengaluru-based online food delivery company.

The StatEATstics report analysed millions of orders received by Swiggy for food, grocery on Instamart as well as drop service Swiggy Genie and HealthHub between January and December 2021.

Biryani was the top dish, getting more than 55 million orders this year compared to 35 million in 2020.

Samosa was the most binged snack of the year, getting about 5 million orders.

Pav bhaji was India’s second favourite snack with 2.1 million orders. After 10 pm, Indians looked to satiate their food cravings with cheese-garlic bread, popcorn, and French fries.

With 2.1 million orders, gulab jamun was the most ordered dessert on Swiggy. Rasmalai came second, with 1.27 million orders.

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