Public relations giant MSL's plan to tackle the influencer pay gap

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Today's news: MSL vows to close the influencer pay gap, Hulu's advertising blitz to promote live TV, and Quibi's new marketing push.

Courtney N. Williams is an alum of The Influencer League, which is working with MSL to address the influencer pay gapCourtney N. Williams

Public relations giant MSL lays out a plan to close the influencer pay gap, including adding 10,000 BIPOC influencers to its platform

  • Publicis-owned PR giant MSL announced a plan to address diversity, opportunity, equity, and education problems between white and BIPOC influencers, Sean Czarnecki reported.
  • The firm said that it plans to add more BIPOC influencers to its influencer platform, sponsor BIPOC influencers to attend a six-week class called The Influencer League, improve its search results to promote diverse talent, and work with the Influencer League on a study examining the pay gap between BIPOC and white influencers.
  • The changes stem from influencers of color speaking out about not being paid fairly. In some cases, BIPOC influencers feel like they're being taken advantage of when they accept a free product instead of being paid, said D'Anthony Jackson, senior account executive for the digital and influencer strategy team at MSL.

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Hulu is launching a big advertising blitz to grow subscribers for its crucial push into live TV

  • Hulu is betting big on the return of live sports with a new ad campaign that promotes its live TV service and stars athletes like the NBA's Damian Lillard, MLB's Aaron Judge, and WNBA's Skylar Diggins, Tanya Dua reported.
  • As sports games come back, the campaign is part of a bigger push for Hulu to increase lucrative subscribers for its live TV service, a crucial type of subscribers in helping Hulu compete against TV-streaming companies like YouTube and Sling.
  • Ryan Crosby, VP of marketing at Hulu, said that Hulu and Live TV subscribers have doubled, with a 139% year-over-year growth in the number of hours watched when it came to the NFL since the company started promoting the service with athletes last year.

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Quibi has ramped up its TV and digital marketing efforts in the last few months as it's rolled out a second wave of originals, new data shows

  • New data shows that short-form video app Quibi ramped up ad spend in June as it readied its second wave of programming, Ashley Rodriguez reported.
  • Between June 1 and August 10, Quibi uploaded 92 YouTube videos, averaging 1.39 per day, according to data from Tubular Labs. To compare, the company uploaded 51 videos between April 1 through the end of May, equivalent to an average of 0.84 videos per day.
  • From July 1 to August 5, Quibi aired TV ads worth an estimated $10 million, and generated 469 million impressions, according to 

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