Princess Charlotte is ‘well-rounded thanks to bonds with Kate, Pippa and Carole’

Prince William and Kate Middleton have worked hard to protect the privacy that their three children are afforded. But as the years go by, they are slowly introducing them to the importance of royal engagements.

This gentle upbringing is something that former BBC Royal Correspondent Jennie Bond feels will serve Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis well in the future.

Charlotte in particular, Jennie notes, is being benefitted by the close-knit relationship she has with her mother, her grandmother, Carole Middleton, and her aunt, Pippa Matthews.

As Princess Charlotte prepares to turn eight on Monday 2 May, the royal expert spoke exclusively to OK! about how the Prince and Princess of Wales' daughter is a "well-rounded" thanks to this family support network.

Jennie explained: "Princess Charlotte always looks very demure and ladylike in public but actually I think she's those things at first but she's kind of eyeing up what's around her and then some of her real personality comes out, which I think is a confident, bubbly girl who has a great sense of fun.

"She's not a not a tomboy by any means but really enjoys outdoor adventurous activities and sport just as much as her brothers.

"So she's very sporty judging by previous stories her parents have told and is surrounded by really positive female role models in her mother, her grandmother Carole and aunt Pippa.

"They are strong working women who have combined their careers with being great mums as well. So I think she's pretty well rounded little girl."

This is not the first time that Carole Middleton has been praised for the role she plays for the Wales family.

Royal Correspondent Simon Vigar said: “Carole is very involved in the upbringing of George and looking after her eldest daughter Kate when she was ill with this extreme morning sickness. For many weeks, Kate was at home in Berkshire with mum and dad and Grandma Middleton was taking up the strain.”

Royal expert Ingrid Seward also spoke to The Mirror about how Carole has played a huge part in making Britain's future queen who she is. Seward said: "Kate is a product of her mother, she was brought up to do everything to perfection.

"She learnt to sail as a young girl and rock climb and ski. She loved cooking, dressing up and making clothes. She learnt the piano, her father taught her to play tennis to a high standard. All these skills came because her ambitious mother encouraged her to learn them. There’s nothing she can’t turn her hand to.”


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