Orangutan Grabs Woman's Breasts at Zoo, Kisses Her on Video

A tourist’s photo-op with an orangutan turned super intimate when the chimp started grabbing both of her breasts and kissing her cheek … and it’s all on video.

The wild interaction went down June 27 at Safari World in Bangkok, Thailand … where caretakers allow orangutans to roam free for photos with visitors.

As you can see, the woman is sitting on a swing when the orangutan walks up behind her and cups one breast, then the other … even appearing to give them a squeeze.

The chimp apparently wants more — smooching her on the cheek several times as she laughs and they both smile. Good luck topping this social media post!!!

No word if the orangutan makes a habit of grabbing handfuls of boobs, but it looks like chivalry might be dead in the animal kingdom.

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