OG Panic! At The Disco Bassist Brent Wilson Facing Drug and Gun Charges

Panic! At The Disco’s original bassist is in a heap of trouble out in Sin City — because the guy’s facing multiple felonies for drugs and possession of a gun.

According to a Las Vegas Metro PD report, obtained by TMZ, Brent Wilson was pulled over on Jan. 22 after cops say he crossed 3 lanes of traffic without a turn signal, cutting off oncoming traffic.

During the stop, the officer says he saw a bag with a white substance inside sitting out in the open in Wilson’s center console.

Ya know what that means … time for a search, and cops say they discovered substances consistent with coke and heroin in his pockets and in the car, as well as a scale and a lot of little baggies.

On top of that, the police say they found a loaded handgun too. Plus, they say Wilson was already on probation for a previous offense. They hauled him off to jail, and he’s been charged with possession with intent to sell and possession of a gun by a prohibited person.

His attorney, Dustin Marcello, tells us it’s too early to make a call on the merits of the case.

You may recall … Brent was canned by Brendon Urie and co. back in 2006 for what the band deemed irresponsible behavior, and was replaced by Jon Walker.

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