New Hampshire Legislator Arrested for Assaulting Snowplow Driver in Crazy Video

mug shot

A New Hampshire state legislator is facing criminal charges after he lost his s*** and assaulted a snowplow driver for not doing his job … or at least that’s what he claimed.

Jeffrey Greeson (R-Wentworth) was busted Friday by NH State Police and charged with disorderly conduct, criminal trespassing and simple assault. He posed for a grim-faced mug shot before being released without bail.

Greeson’s arrest stemmed from a March 4 incident in which he accosted Wentworth Highway Department employee Paul Manson, who was plowing snow outside the state rep’s home after a major storm.

Check out this wild video showing Greeson blowing his top as he struggled to walk through knee-high snow to confront Manson on the street.

Referencing the snow, Greeson screamed, “You don’t put it in my driveway! Push it over! Out of the road! Over there!”

Greeson was also cursing and barking orders at Manson, yelling, “Your job is to clear the road! Clear the road! Now, get in your truck and do your job!”

The situation got so heated police were called. After nearly a week of investigating, cops arrested Greeson, who is serving his second term in the New Hampshire House of Representatives.

Manson recorded Greeson’s tirade and posted the video on his Facebook page. He admitted to a local TV reporter he was pushing the snow into Greeson’s driveway, and he felt bad about doing it, but says he can’t help it.

He insisted his job was to clean off the roads, which ultimately led to shoving the snow into Greeson’s driveway and other driveways in the area.

As for Greeson, he addressed the matter in a statement, “I apologized to the man. He accepted my apology. That was several days ago, and we have both moved on.”

Greeson has a court date scheduled in May.

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