‘My Aai was very generous’

Readers remember their mothers on the occasion of Mother’s Day.

Dr Ashish N Sawarkar from Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh, remembers his mother for her generosity.

“My Aai was very generous. Generosity and simplicity were her virtues.

“I still vividly remember I used to bring chiwda and barfi prepared by her for my hostel friends at LIT, Nagpur, and it used to get finished in no time.

“My friends at Wardha — Suhas, Nilesh, Vilas — were in awe of her culinary skills.

“She used to feed our maid garam garam rotis.

“In fact, she used to feed a number of people including the safaiwala, sabjiwala, and so on.

“Her friends in our locality in Wardha used to wait for her special summer delicacies like kurdai (a type of fryums), sargunde, papad and shewlya.

“I think she only believed in the mantra of giving, giving, and giving more.

“She followed spiritual master Meher Baba’s message, ‘Real happiness lies in making others happy’ in its entirety.

“My Aai was an epitome of generosity. When she left for the heavenly abode on June 21, 2017, she was at peace.

“I continue to feel the connect with her. Aai, I know you are there around.”

Sourav Roy from Kolkata has some fond memories to share.

“Poet and novelist Rudyard Kipling rightly said: ‘God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.’

“I feel so proud when I talk about my adorable mother Sangeeta Roy.

“A self-made person, she is helpful, caring and cheerful.

“She left her most loved and passionate job as a teacher so that I could be with my father and experience quality defence life.

“Since the last five years, due to my education, we both have been staying in Kolkata. We’re the best of friends and are cherishing every moment of life here.

“I would love to mention that my mom is an amazing cook.

“For me, she is an epitome of love, compassion, gratitude, strength, generosity; a very humble human being with a simplistic touch.”

As we celebrate Mother’s Day on May 9, we ask you, Dear Readers to tell us why your mother is so special.

Do write to us at [email protected] (Subject: ‘My Mother’) and tell us why your mom is so special along with your NAME, MOTHER’S NAME, and where you LIVE.

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