‘Moving is healthy!’ Naga Munchetty ponders BBC role after staying ‘longer than I thought’

Naga Munchetty reflects on how long she's worked at the BBC

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On Wednesday’s edition of her BBC Radio 5 Live show, Naga Munchetty, 47, told listeners about an elderly man called Walter Orthmann. According to the journalist, Walter, 100, lives in Brazil and has been working for the same textile company since 1938.

This had been the topic of conversation in the “famed morning meeting” at the BBC offices, Naga admitted.

The news made Naga consider her own career choices, which she shared with the show’s listeners.

The BBC Breakfast star said: “A story that got us talking in the morning meeting, that famed morning meeting, a 100 year old man in Brazil has broken the Guinness World Record for working at the same company for an amazing 84 years.

“His name is Walter Orthmann. He began working at a textile company in 1938.”

Naga added: “He’s been there ever since.”

Naga urged listeners to get in touch and tell her how long they had been in their jobs and with their current companies.

She said: “So, how long have you been in your job?

“How long have you been with your company? Longer than you, perhaps, thought you might be?”

The 47-year-old confessed that she hadn’t planned to be with the BBC for as long as she has been.

Naga said: “I’m certainly here longer than I thought I’d be for many reasons.

“But I always had a view that to move around, move jobs, move companies is a healthy thing.

She asked listeners for their opinions.

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Naga asked: “What do you think? Do you love the work you do?

“Do you love your colleagues or are you just simply stuck in your ways and quite comfortable and quite happy there? Let me know.”

Naga has been hosting the radio show in its current 10am to 1pm slot since January 2021.

Later on Wednesday, Martin Lewis, 49, was in the office to give financial advice to listeners.

The Money Saving Expert founder began his section by making a joke about buying Naga’s chair on eBay.

He said: “Well, apart from a seat freshly warmed by Naga, which I mean, people would pay a lot for that on eBay, wouldn’t they? Heating by Naga.”

“Anyway, the big subject of the day – it was very warm.”

While laughing, Naga’s BBC co-star responded: “I just didn’t think you would go there so early on in the show, to be fair.”

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