Molly Mae’s baby name, teacher strikes and V Day plans – Peter Andre’s column

This week our columnist Peter Andre has his say on Molly-Mae's baby name, declaring he's not one to talk about giving a child an "alternative name."

He also shares his views on the teachers' strike, what his plans are for Valentine's Day and what he makes of the Princess of Wales' latest initiative. Sign-up or login below to read the full column.

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Molly Mae Hague and Tommy Fury split opinion last week by naming their baby girl Bambi. Now, I am not one to talk about giving your child an alternative name when my kids are called Princess and Junior! However, a child’s name is a personal choice. Bambi is a cute little deer, at the end of the day! I just think, why not? It’s up to them. Everyone else can have their opinion but it’s irrelevant. Molly Mae and Tommy show me there are some great things about Love Island because they’ve stayed together and been hugely successful. All power to them! If they love the name Bambi, that’s all that matters.


Me and Ems will definitely be doing something together on Valentine’s Day but I don’t know what yet. Our lives are always very much about the whole family and I think we sometimes forget we have to have time to ourselves, so we’re working on that. We love each other so much, me and Ems, but our number one focus is the kids. And because they’re all at different ages and they’ve all got different demands, you tend to just go from one to the other to the other! There’s never a time when you can just sit and talk about each other. We had this conversation last week, saying, “Look, Valentine’s Day is coming up, we’ve got to do something special!”


Did you see me on Michael McIntyre’s show last Saturday? I filmed it before Christmas and it was great fun. I was all ready to get dressed up for it but was told I had to wear that big, woolly blue beanie (which looked ridiculous!) to cover my earpiece, so it didn’t give the game away. I had to convince the girl catering for my party I was a diva, which was fun! I love Michael and he texted afterwards to thank me. He’s a lovely guy and whenever I get a request to do one of his shows, I always say yes before I even know what it is.


The Princess of Wales launched Shaping Us last week, her amazing project highlighting the importance of the first five years in a child’s life. I think Kate is so right to shine a light on this subject and make people aware, as the first five years of a child’s life are so significant in terms of their development. Kate also does everything with such class and grace. She and Prince William might not respond to personal stories in the press but I love how they use their voices to talk about the things they really care about.


Obviously, there has been a lot in the news about the teachers’ pay strike last week. I imagine most didn’t want to take action but if they feel the Government isn’t listening, it’s a last resort. I support the cause and if they’re being treated unfairly, they have a right to stand up for themselves. And it’s not just about their salaries, it’s about funding in schools generally and our kids. For people to do their job properly, and this goes for healthcare workers too, their environment must be right. I can’t say I love strikes, as they affect working families. But we have to understand that they need to be heard and they need support.


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