Mike Tyson Nearly Wipes Out Jumping On Skateboard With Tony Hawk

Saved by the bell big comfy chair!!!

Mike Tyson is SUPER fortunate his podcast setup is surrounded by fluffy furniture … ’cause he was nearly KO’ed after jumping on a skateboard with Tony Hawk, but, fortunately, he landed safely on a chair instead.

Iron Mike just posted footage of the almost-disastrous scene … showing him playing around with Hawk while filming another episode of “Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson.”

Hawk appeared to be trying to teach the boxing legend how to skate — and when the 56-year-old jumped on the board, Tony cheered!

The problem? Tyson couldn’t quite dismount properly … and almost ate it!

Thankfully, after knocking into a wooden chair and a makeshift wall, he parked onto a seat cushion … and acted like nothing happened.

Of course, Tyson is no stranger to bustin’ his ass on boards … back in 2016, he fell so hard off a hoverboard, he had to be on bed rest for a week.

Tyson poked fun at it all in a caption on the vid, writing, “Lucky that chair was there or it would have been a repeat of the hoverboard scare.”

Be careful, Mike!

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