Michael Jordan Says Steph Curry's No Hall of Famer Yet!

“He’s still a great player, not a hall of famer yet, though.”

That’s Michael Jordan talking about … get this … STEPH CURRY!!!

His Airness made the statement on Tuesday’s “Today” show — when he was backing an old claim that the 4 dudes he would select in a pickup game would be Hakeem Olajuwon, Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson and James Worthy.

When Craig Melvin asked if Steph Curry should be offended that he isn’t on MJ’s list, Jordan replied … “I hope not. He’s still a great player. Not a Hall of Famer yet, though.”

Of course, Curry is a LOCK for the Hall of Fame — 3x NBA champ, 2x MVP, 6x NBA All Star … and he’s widely considered one of (if not THE) greatest shooter of all time.

Guessing Curry won’t take this too seriously …

During the interview, Jordan also revealed he no longer plays pick-up basketball because he’s afraid his hyper-competitive nature will kick in and “it will take over.”

Melvin says MJ is concerned that he would compete TOO HARD and end up hurting himself.

So, no more hoops for the greatest of all time.

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