Megyn Kelly says she’s ‘very happy’ not being on TV

Megyn Kelly seems to be enjoying life after NBC fired her — and honored her $69 million contract.

The short-lived “Today” host and her husband were spotted checking out a private screening of new documentary “Port of Destiny: Peace” at the Crosby Street Hotel.

“They looked very happy. Her hair was short, slicked back, and she was wearing black leather pants and a sheer top. She was dressed like a fashion model,” a spy told Page Six.

Top headhunter Stephen Viscusi was also on the scene, gushing over Kelly.

“They hugged and he was telling her how he missed her on TV,” said a source.

“She was like, ‘I am enjoying being home and having time for myself and family . . . So far, I’m very happy.’ ”

Lesley Stahl was seated near Kelly.

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