King Charles Is Officially Crowned, Prince William Kneels and Swears Allegiance to His Father

The 75-year-old British ruler has St Edward’s Crown placed on top of his head before his oldest son makes a solemn pledge to the newly-crowned sovereign.

AceShowbizKing Charles III has officially been enthroned. The 75-year-old sovereign had the St Edward’s Crown placed on top of his head by the Archbishop of Canterbury. “God save the King,” the congregation cried.

To mark the historical moment, gun salutes were fired across the UK.

Earlier, the Prince of Wales presented the Stole Royal and Robe. He assisted the Right Honourable the Baroness Merron, while the king was invested in the Coronation Chair. The Archbishop said, “Receive this Robe, may the Lord clothe you with the robe of righteousness, and with the garments of salvation.”

He was presented with The Jewelled Sword of Offering which was placed in his right hand. The Archbishop said, “This kingly Sword, may it be to you and to all who witness these things, a sign and symbol not of judgement, but of justice; not of might, but of mercy.”

The King then offered the Sword at the Altar and it was received by the Dean. The Armills were then brought to the Altar by the Right Honourable the Lord Kamall. The King touched them, before the Archbishop said, “Receive the Bracelets of sincerity and wisdom, tokens of the Lord’s protection embracing you on every side.”

The Orb was then brought from the Altar by the Archbishop of Armagh and Primate of All Ireland and Metropolitan. The Archbishop of Canterbury placed it in The King’s right hand. The Ring was then carried from the Altar by the Right Honourable the Lord Patel KT.

The Glove was handed to him from the Right Honourable the Lord Singh of Wimbledon CBE, followed by the Sceptre with Cross and the Sceptre with Dove by the Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church and the Archbishop of Wales.

As the Archbishop placed the crown on his head, he said, “King of kings and Lord of lords, bless, we beseech thee, this Crown, and so sanctify thy servant Charles, upon whose head this day thou dost place it for a sign of royal majesty, that he may be crowned with thy gracious favour and filled with abundant grace and all princely virtues; through him who liveth and reigneth supreme over all things, one God, world without end. Amen.”

The king was then crowned.

The Prince of Wales made a solemn pledged to his father. He vowed, “I, William, Prince of Wales, pledge my loyalty to you and faith and truth. I will bear unto you, as your liege man of life and limb. So help me God.”

The 40-year-old – who is first in line to the throne – then proceeded to kiss his father on the cheek.

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