Kids of Queens of the Stone Age Singer Josh Homme Seeks Protection Against ‘Scary’ Dad

The rocker’s children file for domestic violence restraining orders against him, alleging he yells at their mother and drinks while driving with them in the car.

AceShowbizQueens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme may not be able to get close to his own kids anymore. The singer’s children are seeking protection against him because he is “scary,” claiming that they fear he is going to hurt them.

Josh’s sons, 10-year-old Orrin and 5-year-old Wolf, have filed for domestic violence restraining orders against him through their mom Brody Dalle, TMZ reports. In the request filed in court, they allege that the rocker yells at their mother and drinks while driving with them in the car.

The filing goes on to mention one recent incident where Josh allegedly grabbed Orrin’s private parts. The boy also accuses his father of physical abuse, such as flicking his ears, hitting his head, poking his chest and throwing things at him. Josh allegedly also made verbal abuse against his own child, calling Orrin fat and making threats about murdering Brody’s boyfriend.

Meanwhile, Josh’s younger son Wolf alleges that the 48-year-old calls his mother curse words, drinks and drives, grabs their necks and ears. For those reasons, Wolf claims he’s scared when he goes to his father’s house.

Responding to the restraining order request, Josh’s attorney Susan Wiesner tells the site, “Ms. Dalle has previously brought these claims to the police, DCFS, and the presiding judge of the family law court, all of whom have declined to take any action based upon these spurious claims.”

Josh and Brody have a volatile relationship since they separated in November 2019 after almost 14 years of marriage. Brody filed for divorce a month later. Besides two sons, they also share a daughter, 15-year-old Camille.

Brody then got a restraining order against him, claiming he showed up drunk at her house and head-butted her. Several months later, he got one against her, claiming she was trying to get him arrested for violating it.

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