Khloé Kardashian Escorted a Superfan to His High School Prom: "Feeling Over the Moon!"

Imagine this: you walk into prom and Khloé Kardashian is chillin’ by the punch bowl with her arm around the kid you sit next to in biology — what do you do? This became a very real scenario for a few prom attendees when a self-described Kardashian stan, known mononymously as Narbeh, waltzed into his high school prom with Khloé as his prom date for the evening.

While it might be difficult to imagine what it’d be like to have your favorite celebrity escort you into your high school prom, Narbeh shared plenty of photos that gave us a good idea of just how amazing the night truly was. Narbeh made the most of the night, presenting Khloé with a white corsage that perfectly matched his boutonniere and Khloé’s gorgeous teardrop cutout black dress. The two even took a few sweet and silly photo booth pics together to remember the night by. “Took my baby @khloekardashian to prom with me! ?❤️ Feeling over the moon!” wrote Narbeh, who’s been a longtime fan of the entire Kardashian clan.

“Thank you for making my prom dreams come true!!!!!! ✨✨✨???,” Khloé later commented on one of Narbeh’s Instagram posts, so it seems like they both had the time of their lives! While my own prom years are behind me, I can’t help but hope that one of my favorite celebrities takes me out for a night of fun and Instagram-worthy moments someday. Check out Khloé and Narbeh’s full Twitter exchange ahead and see some adorable pics of the pair’s magical night.

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