John Stamos Says He Got Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Fired From 'Full House'

John Stamos is dropping a juicy piece of “Full House” trivia, revealing he got Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen canned from their debut acting gig … when they were just babies!!!

The actor spilled the tea on his pal Josh Peck‘s “Good Guys” podcast … saying he made the call to cut them out while filming the sitcom’s pilot episode — where his character, Uncle Jesse, and Dave Coulier‘s Joey had to watch baby Michelle.

It’s a pretty hilarious scene, showing the 2 guys taking care of the little one while knowing nothing about parenthood — but John says the taping wasn’t a laughing matter.

Instead, he tells Josh and his cohost Ben Soffer that the twins were crying up a storm while hosing them off and changing their diapers.

He was told the other twin wouldn’t cry when they were swapped out between takes, but it wasn’t any better … and John admits he made the call it just wasn’t gonna work. He says the Olsens got the boot, and 2 other babies were used.

Of course, their firing only lasted a few days, with John admitting the new baby batch was pretty bad, too … and as you know, the Olsen twins went on to stick around for the next 8 seasons of the hit sitcom.

John giving the kiddos the boot? How rude?!!

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