Joe Wicks ‘gave as much as he could’ before workout venture struggles

Joe Wicks, 37, hosted daily PE lessons on his YouTube channel during the first lockdown in 2020, raising over £580,000 for the NHS, and was later given an MBE for his efforts. The fitness coach has spoken exclusively to about why he ended the venture, admitting he just began to “run out of steam”.

I just ran out of steam!

Joe Wicks

The PE lessons, unfortunately for fans, came to an end on July 22nd of that year, but he did reignite the sessions again for the second lockdown. asked Joe why he decided to end the home workout videos when they were previously going strong amongst viewers.

He said: “I stopped doing the videos when lockdown ended because there was no one doing the workouts.

“I came back and did another lockdown but the first lockdown was 18 weeks!

“I gave as much as I could, but I just ran out of steam.”

The Body Coach Joe was also quizzed on if he had expected such success in his videos, with millions checking in for the live streams at the time.

He replied: “I definitely didn’t. I did believe it was gonna be successful in the UK, but nowhere near that scale, especially when it went global and other families and countries took part.

“I mean, it was mad when I saw the live numbers on those first days at over a million on the live stream, it blew my mind and I still can’t believe it!”

Joe met Princess Anne early last year when he received his MBE for his lockdown heroics, raising millions for the NHS in their time of need.

He posed alongside his brother Nikki at the royal residence last March, to express his pride at winning the MBE and thank his sibling, who helps him run his fitness empire.

However, the fitness guru also admitted his meeting with the royal filled him with a mix of emotions.

He told “I was a bit nervous yeah. But more emotional and proud, you know. It was building up and building up and just before I went in I started crying a little bit. I touched myself up and went in.

“But yeah I was definitely nervous. The first thing she said to me put me at ease.

“She said: ‘So, tell me, have you finally recovered from all of those workouts you did for the nation?’

“So because she said that, I knew the score and I was able to have a little laugh with her.”

In 2020, the Body Coach was awarded a Guinness World Record after 950,000 people watched his lifestream the previous March.

In the same year, he donated proceeds from sales of his fitness videos to the NHS, and also raised £2m for Children in Need with a 24-hour fitness challenge.

He then put his fitness to the test last year as he completed a 30-mile walk in 11 hours for Children in Need to help raise money for grassroots projects and local charities supported by the telethon.

Joe completed the walk in his stride and helped the grand total that Children in Need raised.

The BBC One show ended with the announcement that a whopping £35,273,167 was raised directly from the TV appeal, with Joe making more than £500,000 of this for his ultramarathon.

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