Joe Biden & Barack Obama Celebrate Maisy Biden & Sasha Obama’s HS Graduation Together

Congratulats to Maisy Biden and Sasha! The accomplished young women just graduated high school, and their famous political families, including Joe Biden and Barack Obama, were there to celebrate.

Campaign events can wait when your granddaughter is graduating from high school. That’s what former vice president Joe Biden told a crowd of donors in Iowa, explaining why he didn’t attend the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual Hall of Fame dinner last week. He revealed that his family got together with former president Barack Obama‘s family to celebrate granddaughter Maisy Biden (daughter of Hunter Biden) and Sasha Obama‘s graduation from Sidwell Friends school in Washington, DC on June 9. “[Maisy’s] best friend is Sasha Obama. Barack and Jill and the whole family, we had a whole get together,” Biden said at an event in Davenport, Iowa.

“One of my competitors criticized me for not going to Iowa to talk for five minutes,” he later said while speaking to a group of lobbyists and donors in Washington, DC on June 12. “My granddaughter was graduating. It was my daughter’s (Ashley Biden) birthday. I would skip inauguration for that.” It’s unclear who the the “competitor” in question is, though President Donald Trump did criticize him during a coinciding trip to Iowa. Trump said that Biden was “slower than he used to be,” while Biden called Trump “an existential threat to America.”

While the media was not allowed into the graduation ceremony, Dr. Jill Biden shared a sweet photo of the whole family celebrating with Maisy. In the pic, which you can see below, Maisy is front and center with her grandparents and friends in a photo booth. Jill captioned it, “When I’m around my grandchildren, I remember how incredible life can be..congrats Maisy! Beyond proud and filled with joy to see you graduate today.” Aww!

When I’m around my grandchildren, I remember how incredible life can be…congrats Maisy! Beyond proud and filled with joy to see you graduate today.

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Unfortunately, there aren’t any pics of Sasha from the graduation, but Sidwell Friends posted a cute class photo, that shows her in the second row from the back, fourth to the left. See it HERE.

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