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In the last episode of Jodha Akbar we saw Saleem promising Anarkali that he will help Farhaan meet his love Bela. He tells Anarkali that he will stop Bela’s marriage and unite Farhaan and Bela. While Jalal prepares for Raja Khambar’s daughter Bela’s marriage and wishes to take Saleem along with him.

Today’s episode begins with Jalal getting ready for Raja Khambar’s daughter’s wedding when Jodha bai comes with gifts for the bride. She asks Jalal to take the silver and gold oranaments for bride as her blessings. Jalal tells Jodha bai that Raja Khambar has a lot of gold and silver already to which Jodha says that it is her blessing for the bride. Jalal then asks Jodha about Saleem as he is supposed to accompany Jalal to the wedding. Jodha says that it seems that Saleem is not interested in the wedding and is not in his room. She says he doesn’t like marriage which is why he doesn’t want to marry and attend any wedding. Jalal explains Jodha bai that he wants Saleem to accompany him so that he sees the marriage and how the people are involved in the ceremony and the ones getting married are engrossed in each other’s thought. Saleem would understand the meaning of marriage if he comes to the wedding. Saleem on the other hand meets Farhaan and scolds him for not telling me the truth about Bela and his relation and also that today Bela is getting married. Farhaan tells him that there was no use telling as he and Bela cannot be one. Saleem asks him why did he fall in love with Bela if he was not ready to protect his love. Farhaan tells him that it is not possible now as Bela is a princess and he is a normal servant and their relationship will not be accepted.Saleem assures Farhaan that he can get his love if he wants to and it is his duty to protect his love . Saleem tells Farhaan that he will help him get Bela before she gets married.

A servant appears and tells Jalal that Saleem is not in his room. Jalal tells Jodha bai that it is ok if he doesn’t want to come and leaves for the wedding along with Jodha bai’s gifts for the bride and Raja Bhagwandas. Meanwhile Saleem, Anarkali and Farhaan leave to rescue Bela and stop her marriage. Anarkali is happy to see Saleem whom she mistakens as Kutub is such a nice person who is ready to risk his life for his friend. She says that this is why she likes common people and not the royals. She says that if Saleem was also Farhaan’s friend he should have also helped him to rescue Bela but he did not because he is a Royal. Farhaan explains that Royals are so bad. Saleem asks Farhaan to get some sleep as he has to meet Bela and rescue her son he needs rest. Saleem, Anarkali and Farhaan reach their destination and Saleem asks Anarkali toh meet Bela and give her the message that Farhaan is here to save her. Saleem asks her to convey the message and reach this same place back again as he doesn’t want Anarkali to fall in trouble. Mean while Jalal and Raja Bhagwandas arrive at the marriage place and they are welcomed by the Adivasi Raja Khambar. Raja Khambar pays his respect to the Shahenshah and honours him with the Adivasi throne. Raja Khambar introduces his son-in-law to Jalal and Jalal congratulates him for his marriage. Here Saleem and Farhaan leave to take their places while Anarkali reaches in Bela’s room and informs her about Farhaan. Bela’s mother comes to the room and tells Bela that it is time to leave for the wedding rituals.

Bela leaves for the wedding rituals with her mother. Saleem tells Farhaan that Bela is here and he should go and get her while Saleem will safeguard them from the others. Anarkali sees Jalal and is scared and thinks that she should inform Kutub and Farhaan about the Shahenshah’s presence. Bela’s mother takes her to get the blessings of their Goddess and while they are about to take the blessings Farhaan comes and picks up Bela and runs. While her mother and other ladies shout. All the others present and Jalal are shocked with what had happened. Raja Khambar asks his soldiers to catch the mughal soldier and get his daughter. Raja Khambar’s son-in-law also runs to get his bride. Saleem steps in to fight for Farhaan and Bela while Anarkali leaves to the place Saleem has asked her to return to. Saleem fights with the soldiers and asks Farhaan to leave the place with Bela. Farhaan doesn’t agree to leave Saleem alone and also Bela tells them to leave so that if they are saved they can comeback to rescue her. Farhaan takes Saleem and leaves. Jalal thinks about who might have done this mistake when he sees Saleem running away on his horse with Farhaan. Jalal is shocked to see this happen. Raja Khambar’s son-in-law keeps following Saleem and tries to attack him. Saleem tries to save himself and pushes Raja Khambar’s son-in-law who falls down and hits a huge stone. The soldiers run behind and spot Raja Khambar’s son-in-law dead. They bring his dead body in front of Raja Khambar and other people present for the wedding and inform them that he is dead. Raja Khambar and Jalal are shocked to hear this and pay their last respects to the dead. Everyone leave taking the body while Jalal, Raja Bhagwandas and Raja Khambar remain behind. Raja Khambar is shattered at what had taken place and decided to punish the one who killed his son-in-law. He tells Jalal that they don’t have a son and which is why his son-in-law was their hope and would become the next king after him. Jalal is ashamed and tells Raja Khambar that he is even more shocked as it was his son Saleem who was with that mughal soldier. Raja Khambar gets angry and says that because of Shahenshah’s son today they lost their son-in-law and want justice for this. He tells Jalal that according to their Adivasi rules they believe is taking life for a life. So he asks Jalal to surrender his son to them and let them kill him. Jalal gets angry and shouts. He says that does Raja Khambar even know what he is speaking about. He is asking for Shahenshah’s son’s life. Raja Khambar reminds Jalal of his promise that he has allowed the adivasis toh form their own rules and regulations. He reminds Jalal that being a Shahenshah he needs to do justice with him and his daughter. He tells Jalal that he has known a Shahenshah who never does injustice to anyone and doesn’t even forgive his relatives for doing a crime. He asks Jalal to do justice or else in their society no one will accept their daughter now. Jalal is shattered and assures Raja Khambar that he will do justice with him and leaves.

Farhaan and Saleem are on their way while Farhaan tells Saleem to leave and he will remain behind and not let the adivasi soldiers harm Saleem. Saleem doesn’t agree but Farhaan asks him to leave for their friendship and Saleem agrees. Saleem reached near the river and meets Anarkali who asks Saleem about Bela and Farhaan. She assumes that Saleem has left them together and thanks Saleem for helping his friend. Saleem in angers says that he failed to unite Bela and Farhaan. He tells her that he did manage to stop the wedding but could not get Bela with them. Anarkali is shocked to hear that. Saleem tells her that he will not stop and get Bela rescued. He tells her that at any cost he will unite Bela and Farhaan. Saleem tells her that he is leaving to get Bela when Anarkali stopd him and says that he should not go now as they must be waiting to kill him. She also tells him that she had seen Shahenshah at the wedding and he has seen Farhaan and Saleem running away. Saleem is shocked to hear that but tells Bela that he is not afraid of any Shahenshah and will go and help Farhaan and Bela. While Saleem is about to leave he gets unconscious due to the arrow that had hit him while he was fighting. He falls and Anarkali holds him. Anarkali is scared to see blood coming out of Saleem’s back and tries to wake him up. She then notices Jalal and the mughal army coming their way and gets tensed as she thinks that if they see Saleem here they will not leave him. She decided to take Saleem to a safe place. She makes Saleem sit and takes care of him. She makes a medicine using the leaves and applies it on Saleem’s wound. She takes care of him and makes him sleep.

Jalal reaches their camp with Raja Bhagwandas. Raja Bhagwandas tells Jalal that Raja Khambar’s decision to kill Saleem is totally wrong and they cannot let this happen. Jalal tells Raja Bhagwandas that he needs to do justice with Raja Khambar but needs to have a word with Saleem first and then take a decision. Her tells Raja Bhagwandas not to tell about what had happened at the wedding to anyone. Suddenly Jodha Begum arrives and tells Jalal that he is good at keeping promises and has returned on time as promised. She asks him about the wedding and Jalal tells her that wedding took place and it was a nice ceremony. He tells Raja Bhagwandas that he will meet him later and leaves with Jodha bai. Jodha bai and Jalal reach their room and Jodha bai tells Jalal that now Maan Singh’s coronation is done and even Raja Khambar’s daughter’s wedding is also done. So now they need to think about Saleem’s marriage. She tells Jalal that she has spoken to Maan bai’s mother and she seems to be thinking of Saleem and Maan bai’s marriage. Jalal is in thoughts about the incident that took place and in anger asks Jodha bai that where is Saleem. She is shocked to hear Jalal sound angry and asks him what has happened and why he is angry with Saleem. Jalal tells her he is not angry with Saleem and is just asking about his whereabouts so that he can ask Saleem whether he likes Maan bai. Jodha bai says that she was worried if Jalal is angry with Saleem and might punish him.

The next morning Anarkali is seen taking unconscious Saleem to the other side of the river. They the destination when tired Anarkali washes her face with water and the water drops fall on Saleem’s face and he wakes up. She sees Saleem awake and asks him whether he is fine. Saleem gets up and tries to drink water but is unable to as his wound keeps hurting. Anarkali offers him water with her hand. Later on Saleem wears his dress and then tells Anarkali that he will unite Bela and Farhaan at any cost. He can do anything to unite two lovers. Anarkali is happy to hear such good thoughts from Saleem. Saleem then leaves and Anarkali stares at him happily. Saleem reaches Jalal’s room who is doing his prayers. Jalal finishes his Namaz and asks Saleem where he was. Saleem tells him that he knows very well that where he was. Saleem explains Jalal that he went there and doesn’t think that he committed any crime. He explains that he tried to help his friend Farhaan who loves Raja Khambar’s daughter Bela and Bela loves him too. He just tried to unite the two lovers and will still try to do so. He tells Jalal that Jalal can punish him if he thinks he has done anything wrong. Saleem says that he just tried to unite Bela and Farhaan and stop Bela’s wedding which was forced upon her. Saleem tells Jalal that he will will not let Bela’s marriage take place with boy her father has choosen for her and leaves. Jalal is shocked to learn that Saleem has no knowledge that he has killed someone. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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