Jodha Akbar 13 June 2019 written update of full episode: Jalal announces Murad as the future ‘Shahehshah’ | Bollywood Life

In the last episode we saw that Saleem with the help of Maan Singh defeats Mirza Haqim. But Jodha begum falls very sick due to the infectious disease spread in Agra. Jalal realizes the mistakes he had done as he was egoistic. So he corrects all those mistakes which makes Lord Krishna send Jodha begum back to life. Another issue arises in front of Jalal as Irani qazis question on Jodha begum not converting into Muslim religion so they deny accepting Saleem as Jalal’s legal heir. Today’s episode starts with Jalal getting furious with the qazis. But they still insist Jalal to make Jodha begum change her religion. Jalal denies doing the same. The qazis threaten him for keeping restrictions on Mughals if he doesnt obey them. Jalal agrees in anger but the qazis ask him to discuss with his advisors and then take decision.

After some time Jalal comes to Hameeda begum. She doubts about the issue with Qazis. Jalal pretends that that everything is normal. Jodha begum (Paridhi Sharma) still doubts on Jalal hiding something. After Jodha begum leaves from there, Jalal shares the issue with Hameeda begum. He takes a meeting with the concerned people for the issue but he doesnt get any solution. After some time, Jodha begum asks Jalal about the issue but Jalal hesitates to tell her as it would hurt her. Jodha begum insists him to share the issue with her. So Jalal tells her the issue. Meanwhile, Saleem sees Anarkali coming inside the Mahal. He sees a snake about to fall on her. So runs to rescue Anarkali from the snake. Anarkali also apologizes to him for misunderstanding him many times.

Next day Ruquiya begum instigates Saleem against Jodha begum on the Shah-A-Iran issue. Saleem goes to question Jalal about it. Jalal tells him that he will not force Jodha begum to convert into Muslim religion. In the Deewan-A-Khaas, Saleem again questions Jalal about it. Hameeda begum also get furious with Saleem with the way Saleem talks to Jalal. Saleem still opposes to obey Jalal’s orders. He asks Jalal to wage a war against Shah-A-Iran. Jalal feels proud of Saleem and announces that Saleem is the best suitable person for being his legal heir. In the evening, Jalal learns that people in his rein along with Bakshi Banu have been deprived from getting into the ship as they all were going to Haz. Jalal asks them to be rest assure as he will fix the issue. Ruquiya begum asks Jalal not to make Saleem as his legal heir. But Jalal is determined for the same.

In the mean time, Anarkali sees Saleem donating some money in the memory of Rashid Khan which is her father. She appreciates Saleem as he is going to be the Emperor. Saleem decides to get married to Anarkali after he becomes the emperor. Next day Jalal announces the ritual he will be performing for announcing his legal heir. But everyone gets shattered to know his decision as he makes Murad as the future ‘Shahehshah’. He explains the reason behind it and requests the Shah-A-Iran not to stop his people from going to Huz. Jodha begum gets very tensed as she knows that Saleem must be hurt with the decision. After the meeting is over, Jodha begum asks Jalal to talk to Saleem once. Jalal assures that Saleem is the only person who is the actual legal heiras Murad will take time. Jalal goes to meet Saleem. Saleem gets angry with Jalal for humiliating him in Deewan-A-Khaas. Jalal explains that did it to mislead Shah-A-Iran. But Saleem still doesnt listen to him.

Jalal also gets furious with Saleem for not understanding his p

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