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In the last episode we saw that Jalal announces new coins with his name written on them as he gets very egoistic for his powers. Jodha begum worries as her astrologist predicts that Jalal’s near future will be be problematic. Sharifuddin creates havoc in Agra by spreading some insects all over which makes people in Agra sick and Jalal cannot find any solution to it. So people in his rein blame him. In the mean time, Saleem expresses his feelings for Anarkali but Anarkali denies trusting her. Today’s episode starts with Maan Singh instructs one of his troop to give his message to Jalal. Shariuddin sees that as he didnt trust Maan Singh who pretended to be with Sharifuddin. Jalal falls sick. His situation doesnt improve for almost 2 months. But Saleem comes back safely to Agra safely. With that news, Jalal gets conscious. He gets upset to see the people in his rein falling sick. Jodha begum expresses her wish to treat people as she knows some medicinal treatments. She also promises to disguise like a common lady. Jalal agrees for the same.

On the other hand, Anarkali decides to sascrifice her jewelry for the needy poor people. At the same time Saleem also asks Murad to give the jewelry he has for the poor. Jalal wishes all the best to Jodha begum as she leaves to help the sick and needy people in his rein.After some time Saleem comes to meet Jalal. He questions Jalal for letting Jodha begum go to help the poor as there is danger of robbery and infections. Jalal makes Saleem realize that Jodha begum is Marium-Uz-Zamani and she wanted to fulfill her duties for the people. Saleem gets pacified. Later on he leaves to help people again. Jodha begum comes to Manikpur to help the sick people there. She gets very upset to see the situation there. She helps a lady with the medicines she has. The husband of the lady blesses Jodha begum for the same.

Everyone there praises Jodha begum as he disguises a common lady and saves people. She also hears people blaming Jalal for not being able to help them at all but decides to be calm. Two months pass by. Jalal and Jodha begum miss each other. Jalal gets very upset and hearful. Ruquiya begum comes to meet him but he feels as if Jodha begum has come back. Ruquiya begum gets furious but still pretends missing Jodha begum too. She asks Jalal to come with her to meet Jodha begum. Jalal decides to disguise like a common person and go to Manikpur. On the other hand, Saleem goes to Shaitanpura. He notices that people there are still not getting supply of food grains too. So he decides to enquire about the same in the palace. Meanwhile, Jalal and Ruquiya begum leave to meet Jodha begum. When they take a halt, Jalal feels very upset to see everything ruined. He feels thirsty but the water in the bottle is over. So both of them drink the water kept in a bowl on the way. Jalal realizes that even though he is an emperor; he still needs help from others.

After some time Jalal and Ruquiya begum reach to Manikpur. He gets into a fight with the common people. They recognize him and start beating him badly. Jodha begum stops them by pretending that he must be someone who wants food in hurry. Moti Bai asks Jalal to meet Jodha begum. Jalal also disguises with some common name. Jalal meets Jodha begum after a long time. Jodha begum asks him to leave from there as people hate him a lot. She leaves from there. After a while some ladies insist Jodha begum to lead the Panchayat. Jodha begum agrees for the same. Meanwhile, Anarkali goes to meet Sakeena with some workers to repair Sakeena’s house. But she learns that Saleem has already sent workers for the repairs. She sees Saleem supervising the repairing done and Sakeena also tells her that Saleem even does repairing work. By that time Saleem also sees her and approaches her. But she still feels that Saleem hasnt changed.

On the other hand, Maan Singh doubts on Mirza Haqim as he doesnt share any plan with Maan Singh. In Manikpur, Jalal gets caught by the local people while stealing some food grains. So he is presented before Jodha begum who leads the Panchayat. Jodha begum gets shocked to see Jalal. But Jalal pretends that he doesnt have any work so he needs something to earn money. He also indirectly tells Jodha begum that he want to stay with her there. Ruquiya begum doesnt like it. Jodha begum agrees to give some work to him. In Agra, Birbal and Hameeda begum ask Saleem to take charge of Jalal’s duties. Saleem agrees for the same but also decides to keep helping the poor. After some time, Jalal sees Jagdev who distributes very less foodgrains to people and instigates people against Jalal.

Jalal doubts that something is fishy there. In the Mahal, Saleem gets a letter from Maan Bai. She sends a necklace for Anarkali. Saleem asks a guard to give it to Anarkali. Anarkali misunderstands Saleem as he sends the necklace even though the situation in Agra is worsening. After few days, Birbal instructs Daniyal and Murad to wage war against Mirza Haqim. But Saleem decides to wage the war himself. Jalal feels proud of Saleem’s decision. In the night, Jalal hears a sound of the guard screamin out with pain. Jalal goes to see him. The guard gives information to Jalal that Maan Singh is not betraying but he escaped from the palace as he knew that Mirza is going to attack on Agra and Sharifuddin also is teamed up with him. While the guard is about to tell Jalal about another person teamed up with Mirza Haqim, he dies. Meanwhile, Sharifuddin sees Jodha begum in Manikpur. He looks with his lusty eyes at her.

He also notices Jalal along with Ruquiya begum. Jalal (Rajat Tokas) again sees the misterious boy running. He follows the boy but he disappears. But Jalal finds the foodgrain which was hidden by Mirza Haqim’s troops. He also sees Jagdev and decides to expose Jagdev in front of everyone. He informs Jodha begum in the Panchayat but when Jodha begum checks the same, Jalal gets trapped in Jagdev’s plan instead. People in Manikpur get furious with Jalal. Jagdev later on uncovers the foodgrains and shares about how he came to know that Surjan aka Jalal had come to the store room. Jalal on the other hand asks Jodha begum to take wise decision to punish him as he is been proven guilty in front of everyone. So he gets bitten by whip. Jodha begum feels very sad to see him injured but Jalal shares that he wanted to see how it feels when punished.

In the meantime, Maan Singh decides to escape from Mirza Haqim’s place. Meanwhile, Jalal also determines to make everything fine as soon as possible. He thanks Jodha begum for being with him in his good as well as bad times. A lady in Manikpur sees them together and wonders about it. On the other hand, Mirza Haqim gets furious with Sharifuddin as Sharifuddin decides to kidnap Jodha begum as he doesnt want to disrespect his sister-in-law Jodha begum. Meanwhile, Jodha begum and Jalal trap Jagdev, Jalal beats Jagdev to get the truth from him. But Jagdev takes benefit as the villagers defend him. Jalal gets furious and reveals his and Jodha begum’s real identity. By that time Birbal reaches there with troops and arrests Jagdev. Jalal explains all about the real face of Jagdev. Everyone gets shattered to know that. Jagdev apologizes to Jalal but Jalal decides to punish him. Jalal also explains the reason why he burnt the crops which had dangerous insects and he always tried to help his people in the rein. This clears the misunderstandings about him with the villagers. Stay tuned to find out what happens next.

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