Inmate freed with help of Kim Kardashian flooded with job offers

Since Kim Kardashian helped free Paul Algarin from prison, he’s been bombarded with job offers, according to a report.

The gigs range from modeling to tattoo work, with offers coming from as far as Nigeria and the UK, Algarin told TMZ.

He was freed last month after he contacted Kardashian, who has been on a crusade to free some inmates.

According to his sister, Azaria Algarin, Paul was just a teenager when he was convicted on weapons charges and sentenced to seven years.

Kardashian and husband Kanye West visited Algarin at his Charlotte, N.C., home earlier this month.

At the time, Azaria Algarin wrote on Instagram, “never in a million years did I think Kim would write him back (or even read his letter), fly in right after the met gala (not to mention her 4th baby is due at any minute), invest in our family & laugh / relate to us over the smallest things.”

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