‘I learnt to mix-and-match from my mother’

We asked you, dear readers to share the fashion tip you learnt from your mother.
This is what Rianne D’Souza, 9, had to share.

“I learnt to mix-and-match from my mother,” says Rianne.

Fashion is all about having fun and this 9 year old has learnt that from her mum.

According to her, one should create their unique look with whatever they have in hand.

“With clothes you can try different combinations.

“Or use a lipstick as an eye shadow or blush.

“You can even wear jewellery in a fun way,” she shares.

“I see my mother doing this sometimes when she goes out and that inspires me to be creative.”

We ask you Dear Readers to share the fashion tips you learnt from your mother.

It could be about how to dress for certain occasions or how to style the sari you inherited from her.

What about her advice asking you to wear your confidence on your sleeve?

Or change the most boring look with that wonderful smile of yours?

Did she tell you to have fun with your outfits?

Or dress up elegantly and look picture-perfect all the time?

Write in to us at [email protected] (Subject: My Mother’s Fashion Tip) along with your NAME and the place where you live.

Please don’t forget to share pics of your mom and you. We’ll publish the best entries on Rediff.com.

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