‘I have to speak to Sanjay Dutt, I’m a cancer survivor myself,’ says his Vaastav costar, Himani Shivpuri [Exclusive]

Sanjay Dutt recently shared some fantastic news with all Bollywood news media and his fans when he announced to the world that he has successfully battled cancer. Having returned to his family after a scary time, involving stringent treatment, the wishes are pouring in from all quarters, including those from several industry insiders. Among those who wants to sit down and have a long heartfelt chat with Sanjay Dutt are his Vaastan and Khoobsurat costar Himan Shivpuri. In an exclusive interview with BollywoodLife, Himaniji revealed to us for the first time how she herself is a cancer survivor, and can’t wait to connect with Baba to congratulate him and inquire how he’s doing.

“I’m just waiting for a chance (to talk to him) because we used to get along very well when we used to do films together. He used to talk a lot (to me) and share his experiences when he went to jail. And after pack-up he used to part and I sued to scold them both, Sanju and Salman (Khan) for all the mischief they would do. I remember I had gone for a show in Florida (US) with them, the show was going on and they were not going and the fans were yelling (for them) and I told them. ‘Jao, kameeno, kya kar rahe ho (go, you rascals, what are y’all doing)?’ So, yeah, I have to speak to Sanju Dutt. I haven’t told anybody this, but even I’m a cancer survivor myself. You’re the first journalist I’m telling this. So, I’m a real yodha (fighter): Cancer, COVID-19 (laughs a bit). So, I will definitely speak to Sanju Baba, I just saw his tweet and saw that’s now well. So, I’ll definitely get in touch with them.”

Well, Himaniji is one strong woman for overcoming so much in life herself. And just like her, we all are happy for Baba emerging triumphant in another battle in life, aren’t we?

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