Hrithik Roshan slams a professor who shamed his student for having a stammering problem — read tweet | Bollywood Life

Back then, in an interview, Hrithik Roshan had opened up on his stammering problem and said, “Back then I used to think of myself as weak. Not capable. Not equal, not normal. School and college was hell.”

As a child, Hrithik Roshan struggled with the problem of stammering. Over the years, his problem healed and the actor can now speak properly. Talking about a recent incident, Hrithik slammed a professor, who shamed his student for having the same problem. A Twitter user informed Hrithik Roshan that, “My cousin who has a stuttering issue, was giving a presentation in his class when the HOD/ lecturer told him *if u cannot speak properly maybe u shouldn’t study* in front of the entire class. He hasn’t come out of his room since this incident(1/2). He now refuses to go back to his university and face anyone in the classroom or study, his confidence is shattered. All I wanna say is that how the hell can someone on such post stoop so low and break a teenager’s confidence? The HOD is of NUML uni BBA dept.”

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