Haitian-American Andre Berto Says Biden Needs To Step-Up, Fix Border Crisis

Andre Berto, Haitian-American former boxing champ, says President Biden needs to act NOW … and prove he cares about Haitians at the U.S./Mexico border.

“My message to Joe Biden would be for him to get up and do something. Right now is the time. The Haitian people have been pleading, pleading for help for many years.”

It’s a subject that hits very close to home for the 38-year-old retired boxer. Berto’s mom and dad were born in Haiti, and illegally migrated to the country before their son was born. They’ve long since got their papers … but AB still understands the plight of many Haitians.

In fact, he holds dual citizenship (U.S. & Haiti) … and has spent much time and money on the ground in the country.

The situation on the ground isn’t good. Thousands of Haitian migrants flooded a border town, Del Rio, TX, last week … with many setting up camp under a bridge, where they’ve lived in horrific conditions.

And, Berto says it’s time America steps up and helps.

“They’re literally trying to find a better life in general. They’ll put babies on their back and to walk from Brazil to Chili, all the way through Mexico.”

Berto continued … “Of course with a very corrupt government, you’re talking about people that are just trying to find a much better way of life. And to be treated that way here is just sick to see.”

Berto even compared the border crisis to the withdrawal in Afghanistan … where the U.S. transported Afghan refugees from the middle east to the states.

“I just want equal treatment,” Berto says, adding, “You saw what they did with the Afghan refugees. They pretty much brought up over here on a red carpet type of situation.”

Well, AB says the Haitians need that same treatment.

“I believe that Biden definitely needs to step up, definitely needs to step up, and to really show us that he really cares.”

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