Ex-Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms Claims Restaurant Bounced Her Over Leggings

Keisha Lance Bottoms claims a restaurant refused to let her dine when they felt she wasn’t dressed up enough — and it sounds like she thinks something nefarious might be afoot.

The former mayor of Atlanta tweeted out her alleged experience Friday, writing … “I was just turned away at @CapitalGrille at Perimeter Mall because I have on leggings. 🤷🏽‍♀️” While she didn’t suggest a racial element in her initial remarks, she later followed up with more info.

WSBTV anchor Kristen Holloway pointed out that Capital Grille does, indeed, have a dress code … something they note on their website. Among the articles of clothing they apparently don’t allow — gym attire, sweat pants, tank tops, hats, exposed undergarments, etc.

But, KLB begged to differ … suggesting somebody came right after her that she seems to have felt wasn’t up to snuff either, but was allowed access regardless.

She wrote, “Odd that a restaurant in a mall parking lot turns away customers in ‘mall’ attire. Asked if I could sit in the bar area and was told, ‘No.'”

Keisha adds, “Rules are the rules, just  wonder if the woman who came in immediately after me, who I did not see come back out, was also denied service.” The ex-mayor didn’t elaborate further, so it’s unclear what exactly the other lady might’ve been wearing.

While Keisha herself didn’t explicitly allege racism, people were quick to make that leap … digging up photos purportedly showing white folks at the same restaurant in very caj getups, including the same types of gear CG bans on their site. So, some see a double standard.

KLB hasn’t chimed in further, and Capital Grille itself has been mum … having yet to comment publicly on her accusation. No word on what more, if anything, may come of this.

FWIW, this is far from the first time in recent memory that a person of color has accused a fancy restaurant of discrimination through the veil of a dress code … it happened back in 2020, when a mom alleged exactly that in Baltimore — and even took the issue to court.

NBA Hall of Famer claimed something similar last year in Atlanta as well.

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