Eva Green wins High Court battle over collapse of sci-fi film

Liaison: Trailer starring Eva Green

Bond girl Eva Green sued production company White Lantern Films after giving evidence as part of the $1 million legal battle.

The 42-year-old sued White Lantern Films after A Patriot was abandoned in October 2019, claiming she was entitled to her million-dollar (£810,000) fee for the film despite its cancellation under the terms of their agreement.

The actress said her “Frenchness” was to blame after she referred to film bosses as “weak and stupid”.

The former Bond girl, who starred in Casino Royale in 2006, was set to play the leading role in dystopian thriller A Patriot but the production collapsed in 2019.

However, White Lantern Film and lender SMC Speciality Finance brought a counter-claim against Ms Green, alleging she undermined the independent film’s production and renounced the contract.

In a judgment on Friday, Mr Justice Michael Green ruled in Ms Green’s favour, ruling she was entitled to the fee, and dismissed the counter-claim.

“In particular, I find that Ms Green did not renounce her obligations under the artist agreement; nor did she commit any repudiatory breaches of it,” the judge said.

During the trial in London earlier this year, Max Mallin KC, for White Lantern, said Ms Green had shown a “categorical and unequivocal refusal to perform” and repeatedly made “unreasonable demands”.

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