Demi Lovato’s Nude Photos Leak Following Snapchat Hacking

Additionally, the hacker, who is reportedly from the group that leaked a nude photo of Chloe Moretz, hints that more videos will be shared with anyone who sign up to ‘discord.’

AceShowbizDemi Lovato is the latest celebrity to have fallen victim to a hacking which later results to several private photos leaking online. According to Inquisitr, it was started after fans noticed that there was a strange SnapStory uploaded to the singer’s account.

The said post encourage fans to join a Discord server for more nude photos, prompting fans to take to Twitter to report that Demi’s private photos had indeed been leaked. Within minutes, the hacker posted a photo of a nude brunette, who was believed to be Demi, standing in a closet and posing for a mirror selfie.

“Join the chuckling squad discord for more,” read the caption. It didn’t stop there because another nude photo was shared. This one featured a topless woman, who looked like Demi, posing in bed while pouting at the camera. “Add my boyfriend @ssimon666,” wrote the hacker. Additionally, the hacker hinted that more videos would be shared with anyone who signed up to “discord.”

It was said that the photos were live for less than an hour before getting removed. It remains to be seen whether Snapchat took them down or it was the hacker who deleted them. The hacker reportedly was on the same group behind the hacking of CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account. The group was also responsible for leaking a nude photo of actress Chloe Moretz.

While Demi has yet to respond to the alleged hacking, fans of the “Confident” singer came to her defense. “Damn, they hacked Demi Lovato and leaked her nudes smh. People are sick these days, why don’t y’all hack fed loans instead? Make us debt free,” an angry fan wrote on Twitter.

Another one ranted, “It’s never ok to leak ANYONE’S nudes, but demi lovato has been open with the world about her mental struggles so why the f**k would u do that to her? that’s so damaging.” One comment, meanwhile, read, “Why do people think it’s ok to hack celebrities and leak their private photos? Demi Lovato deserves so much better than this. We love you, Demi.”

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