Countryfile’s Julia Bradbury reveals she nearly seriously injured Prince Charles

Former Countryfile star Julia Bradbury got down and dirty with Prince Charles when the pair filmed a royal special of the BBC series together.

The green-fingered royal laid a hedge with Julia at Highgrove as he guest edited the show in 2013 – which almost ended in calamity.

“I nearly knocked his thumb off,” remembers Julia. “I nearly hammered his thumb in. And he whipped me across the face with a bramble.”

HRH even quipped of their mishaps: “Oops, I don’t want to damage expensive BBC property.”

“He’s very funny,” continues Julia. “I was like, ‘It’s fine, your highness.’”

Julia also gave a talk in front of The Queen at a Womens’ Institute event which she describes as “surreal”, where the monarch conducted a meeting.

“I’ll never forget it: she had to decommission a teapot because its years of service were complete,” continues Julia. “It had a crack and it couldn’t be repaired.

“It was like: ‘We sadly say goodbye to this teapot.’”

Julia spent Tuesday night sleeping in a caravan on a bizarre floating campsite on the River Thames to celebrate the 100th birthday of the caravan, and to launch National Camping and Caravanning Week.

Celeb pals including Eamonn Holmes, Christopher Biggins and Jenni Falconer paid a visit to Julia’s mini pub (a tent) for a glass of wine before her night on the water.

“Eamonn tucked me in,” she joked, as she tucked into a camping BBQ breakfast and perused her morning copy of the Daily Mirror yesterday.

“I’m sure there are a few bodies lurking in there,” she added, peering into the Thames. “Fortunately, all I saw were ducks.”

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