Confused About Health Insurance?

Does health insurance jargon mystify you? Here’s a simple explanation.

Rakesh Kaul, chief distribution officer, Edelweiss General Insurance, will answer your health insurance queries.

COVID-19 has led to increased awareness about the need to have a health insurance policy. It is encouraging to see more and more youngsters wanting to invest in a health policy to safeguard themselves and their families.

Health insurance is now beginning to be viewed as a protection tool rather than a tax saving instrument.

With digital now becoming a way of life, buying a health insurance policy has also become easy, simple and convenient.

Despite all this, why is health insurance penetration still so low?

In my view, one of the main challenges people face while buying a health insurance policy is the complicated terminology used.

The inability to comprehend such technical and confusing lingo often becomes a major hindrance between the intent to buy a policy and actually buying one.

To help you on your health insurance journey, we’ve simplified the top 10 key terms:

Now that you have understood the most important terms in a health insurance policy, do look at factors such as age, medical history, income, medical inflation, lifestyle, etc, and make an informed and wise choice.

You can send your health insurance related queries to [email protected] (Subjectline: Ask Rakesh) and Rakesh Kaul will answer them.
Kaul is the founding member and chief distribution officer at Edelweiss General Insurance.

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