‘Claim to Fame’ Season 2 Spoilers: See Every Celebrity Relatives Revealed So Far!

We are just over the halfway point on the second season of ABC’s Claim to Fame!

The reality competition series, hosted by brothers Kevin and Franklin Jonas, has entered the second half of the season after revealing the identities of over half of the contestants.

Each week of the series, the remaining contestants compete in challenges, nurture strategic partnerships and continue playing DNA detective, all while trying to avoid elimination to make it to the end and win the coveted $100,000 prize, stepping out of their famous family member’s shadow by staking their own “Claim to Fame.”

Ahead of the season premiering, ABC teased that the celebrity relatives were bigger, A-List stars and so far, there have been some big reveals, including a two-time Oscar winner and a multi-Grammy award winning singer. We have all of the celebrity relatives that have been revealed, so far, right here in this post.

Claim to Fame airs weekly on Monday nights at 10:01pm ET/PT on ABC. Be sure to keep tuning in to find out who gets revealed and who wins their own claim to fame!

Warning: spoilers ahead — Keep reading inside to find out all of the celebrity relatives revealed so far…

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