Christine McGuinness takes swipe at ex and says she didn’t snub Paddy’s 50th

Christine McGuinness says she was home for Paddy’s birthday

Christine McGuinness has said she “didn’t cause her marriage breakdown” in a lengthy statement.

It comes after the reality TV star hit out at a false report claiming she was not at home with her children to celebrate her ex-husband Paddy McGuinness’ 50th birthday, after she returned from her Ibiza holiday last week.

In a lengthy statement posted to her Instagram Stories (August 15), Christine, 35, claimed there is a “false narrative” being pushed amid claims she skipped Paddy’s birthday celebrations.

She also shared that photos had been taken of her while she collected her former partner’s birthday cake.

The mum-of-three penned: “Patrick is my ex, my ex of well over a year, (let me just remind you, I did not cause the breakdown of our marriage) I’ve never spoken about this fully.

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